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How Much Should Company Culture Affect Your Search?

20 April 2017


When you’re on the hunt for a new job, you tend to check off the basics first, right? Title, salary… location… benefits… certainly important criteria, but not the be all and end all for everyone. Today, more and more people are adding company culture to that list, because no matter what the job, where it is and how well it pays, you’ll never be happy in an environment that doesn’t reflect who you are.

Company culture is loosely defined as the values and attitudes of an enterprise and its staff. This collective mentality dictates all interactions internally and externally, defining how matters are handled on both a personal and professional level. With philosophy so closely aligned to operation, it’s imperative you understand that culture affects every single person in the business.

Consider what kind of working atmosphere you’re used to, and whether that’s a contributing factor in your job search. If it’s too laidback, an environment that’s dynamic and go-getting could provide a welcome change. If it’s too full-on, you may want a calm, process-driven culture. If your previous company was wasteful, how about an organisation that prides itself on being sustainable?  

Whatever your preferences, ensure you make an informed decision by researching the company’s digital presence and tailoring your questions appropriately at interview stage. It’ll show the hiring manager that you appreciate the importance of cultural fit for everyone involved.

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