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Trends in Tech: What You Need to Know

17 May 2017


Q2 is well underway, and there are some key trends affecting our clients and candidates. From developments in security and risk to the growing digitization of everyday processes, the tech world is advancing in bold and exciting ways. Here’s our edit of the ones you need to know about…

1. The Internet of Things

Technology embedded in practical objects is creating a market where everyday items are now communicating and interacting with their user, environment and more. Quasi-AI in nature, such software can be applied to anything and everything, whether that’s a fleet of interconnected cars or a home automation system to manage your property. The future is endless and possibilities are infinite now we can effectively control multiple platforms/products/output from any location. For all aspiring companies, entrepreneurs, engineers or inventors, there is massive potential in this space, but due to the complexity of the products and immaturity of the market, there are still gaps to be capitalized on.

2. Machine Learning

Machine learning is a subfield of computer science that gives computers the functionality to learn without being specifically programmed. When exposed to new data, computer programs learn, grow, chance and develop by themselves. Machine learning is so pervasive today that you probably use it dozens of times a day without realising. Many researchers also think it is the best way to make progress towards human-level AI.

3. Mobile Development

Development trends are shifting towards mobile, and demand for Android/iOS developers is outstripping supply. It’s common for anyone owning a smartphone to shop, order food, hire a cab or manage their finances using their smartphones. Watch out for the adoption of cloud technologies on mobile – they allow developers to build functionality across different devices with similar data/features. Also, with the continuous growth of mobile banking, payments and mobile commerce, developers must pay special attention to security to prevent the unintended leakage of data or attacks on insecure data storage. Plus, location-based services are adopting geo technologies to improve the consumer experience, since they have a place in virtually every industry from Travel/Transportation and F&B to Entertainment, Hospitality and Tourism.

4. Security and Risk

Many banks are being heavily scrutinized in Asia due to technology governance, and risk and compliance. As such, there is added pressure to hire talent that ensures they adhere to the numerous regulations out there. In terms of security operations and threat intelligence, we are seeing a rise in data theft, financial and reputational damage. In response, companies are bulking up the size of their in-house incident response and threat intelligence teams so they are well-prepared for any malicious activity.

To discuss the latest trends – and how they could affect you – talk to OJ Tech on +852 5804 9070.

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