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What is FinTech, and How is it Trending in Hong Kong?

11 April 2017


Loosely defined as the supporting link between software and finance, FinTech is a complex and ever-adapting market that aids financial institutions in their pursuit of today’s online consumers. Whether through programs, solutions or consultancy, emerging Asian FinTech companies are breaking new ground in the global start-up community, with buy-in from major banking and financial companies legitimising their offering.

The ephemeral nature of technology means FinTech companies must move fast to stay competitive, utilising their connections with other regions to show strength on an international scale. Nowhere is this phenomenon more evident than in Hong Kong, where we are seeing a real intersection between innovation and tradition. Flourishing in its own right, Hong Kong is ranked in the world’s top five Fintech hubs, and acts as an entry point to the conventionally respected financial epicentre of China.

This relationship is having a huge impact on recruitment in the region, with demand for talent rising to catch the pace of the market. As a candidate, now is the perfect time to think about upward mobility because there are numerous prospects for individuals from small tech companies to join larger, more established organisations.

Mobility in this region is also creating opportunities for talent looking to move from Singapore to Hong Kong. Tech-savvy individuals can add new credentials to their résumés by relocating from a tech hub to a FinTech hub, enhancing their future with a plethora of attractive competencies. Many of the industry’s heavy hitters are making use of this dynamic too.

FinTech is rapidly growing in APAC, so there’s never been a better time to consider this market. Looking for a way in? Contact OJ Tech on +852 5804 9070.

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